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Ep. 47 – John W. Loftus: God’s Failure to Communicate

LoftusJohnWelcome back to another episode of A Matter of Doubt! John W. Loftus sits down with us to discuss his deconversion story and then articulates his championed version of the argument against faith called “The Outsider Test for Faith.” John is perhaps most well known for his authorship (the link to his exstensive list of books including “The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails” and “Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity” can be found on his Amazon page here), but he is also known as one of the few freethinkers that Dr. William Lane Craig refuses to debate. We conclude our discussion as to why this might be so.

Be sure to also check out his blog Debunking Christianity  and his newest book co-authored with Randal Rauser entitled “God or Godless?: One Atheist. One Christian. Twenty Controversial Questions.” 

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  • John W. Loftus

    Thanks for having me on the program!

    • Matt Oxley

      Enjoyed this Mr. Loftus.

  • D. Paul

    Interesting program. I find it fascinating that an man who cites the levels of his theological training can have such a…well, poor theology.