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Ep. 40 – Dr. Neal Jones: Atheist/Humanist Minister

In this episode of A Matter of Doubt we hear from an atheist preacher, Dr. Neal Jones. Neal is the minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Columbia, SC. As a young adult, Neal considered himself a somewhat liberal Baptist, but he shed his beliefs as he began embracing a more accepting environment in the UU community. Some of Neal’s sermons can be found in the link below.


Secular Therapist Project

“There’s no reason we shouldn’t examine our religious ideas and beliefs as thoroughly as we examine everything else in life.” – Neal Jones


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  • Sharon Matchett

    Nice interview with Neal. I first attended UUCC just to hear him speak. I’ve since enjoyed listening to other speakers too. The subject matter is always varied and fascinating. As a former life long choir singing Presbyterian who basically retired from church to stay home and read the Sunday paper, the UU service took some getting used to, but I kept attending because I felt welcome by the members, and because it seems like I’ve finally found a place where I no longer feel out of place due to my beliefs or lack there of.

  • kennywyland

    Thanks, I didn’t know very much about the UU community. I had heard people identified as “atheist” who attended a UU congregation and those ideas were contradictory in my mind. I understand now why they aren’t!

  • Gero1369

    If you guys are familiar with Rich Lyons of the Living After Faith podcast, I think that Dr. Jones could find very much common ground with Rich. Rich Lyons is a great friend and proponent of The Clergy Project and it’s ‘graduates’ as well as The Therapist Project.

    • A Matter of Doubt

      Yes I have been a long time listener of Living After Faith. I have been thinking about contacting Rich for an interview soon. Thanks so much for listening and for your input.