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Ep. 33 – Max Nielson Challenges Graduation Prayers at Irmo High School

Welcome back to another installment of A Matter of Doubt! In this episode we interview Max Nielson. Max is a recent graduate from Irmo High School who was inspired to challenge his high school’s graduation prayer after hearing Harrison Hopkins’ interview on A Matter of Doubt. Max has subsequently received much media attention in addition to a scholarship from the Freedom from Religion Foundation for his actions. We discuss his experiences with his principal, the school board, and the FFRF, as well as play for you some of the new stories. We conclude with a reading of several comments left by viewers of the media coverage and Max’s responses to these largely ignorant views.

Local News Stories:

Max’s Interview at the FFRF:

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  • TheSecretAtheist

    I was very excited to hear about what Max, and now Jacob and Dakota, are doing! I got to meet Max at our last Science and Religion meeting, and the trio at the latest Americans United for Separation of Church and State meeting where they spoke and answered some questions.