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Ep. 17 – Guest Ashley F. Miller and Atheist Billboards in Columbia, SC

We are very pleased to have as our guest on this episode of A Matter of Doubt,  Ashley F. Miller. Ashley is the media coordinator for the Freethought Society of the Midlands, one of the four local groups in Columbia that made it possible for the creation of the Columbia Coalition of Reason and recent billboards. She first explains her rather unique deconversion story. For the majority of the episode, we speak on several posts from her very successful blog and some of the incredible hate mail (and love mail!) we have so far received as a result of the billboards. Ashley’s fantastic posts compiling some of this mail can be found below.

Ashley F. Miller – Columbia Coalition of Reason Hate Mail: Part I.

Ashley F. Miller – Columbia Coalition of Reason Love Mail: Part I

Ashley F. Miller – Questions I Need Answers to From Christians

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